Cytosponge™ is a pill on a string test

The Cytosponge test is a device/biomarker combination and identifies patients at high risk of esophageal cancer.

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Early detection
and shifting care

The Cytosponge test is used to detect esophageal cancer earlier. It is a simple, quick and affordable test that can be carried out in an office-based setting.

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Data driven diagnostics

Our platform leverages the results of 10,000+ patients to empower pathologists to make decisions quicker and with more confidence.

We develop artificial intelligence and software tools to improve accuracy and discover new biomarkers for better diagnosis and outcomes.

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Enabling widespread
early diagnosis

Our platform will help save tens of thousands of lives every year, by identifying the signs of disease and allowing clinicians to stop it in its tracks.

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The award-winning Cytosponge test identifies patients at risk of developing esophageal cancer.

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Currently available in hospitals across the UK, the Cytosponge is a minimally invasive diagnostic test for Barrett's Esophagus that revolutionises the clinical care pathway for reflux disease.

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The test enables easier access to care for patients, rather than receiving an unpleasant, invasive endoscopic procedure. The Cytosponge test can be carried out in an office-based setting in under 10 minutes.

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A positive Cytosponge diagnostic test identifies patients who are at risk of early esophageal cancer. Patients with a positive test can then be prioritised for endoscopic confirmation and subsequent treatment where required.

The Cytosponge test is fundamentally changing the clinical landscape in how doctors approach and how patients with worrying upper GI symptoms receive care

Clinical evidence

for Cytosponge test

10x Better than usual care
for reflux patients

A randomized, controlled trial has shown a 10-fold increase in Barrett’s detection when compared with standard of care.

Fitzgerald et al. 2020

$ Improved quality of life
at lower cost for payers

Three studies have shown cost effectiveness and that they test yields additional quality of life at lower cost.

Heberle et al. 2017, Benaglia et al. 2013, Swart et al. 2021

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Other information

The Cytosponge delivers a sample from the entire length of the esophagus.

We process this in our accredited clinical laboratory to the highest standards. High-resolution images of cells are analyzed, delivering a fast and accurate result to the clinical team.

For order forms or any enquiries around ongoing clinical service: email or call +44 (0) 1223 856 969

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