Revolutionising diagnostics
to change lives

Working to build a world where disease is prevented rather than treated

What we do

Augmenting diagnostics, improving care

Cyted focuses on providing digital diagnostic infrastructure to drive the earlier detection of disease. Our technologies use artificial intelligence and novel biomarkers to unlock clinical insight and improve patient outcomes.

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How it works

Patient-focused delivery

Our tests are designed to dignify and empower, placing patients at the heart of our services.

AI-powered reporting

We leverage deep learning on medical information to generate context-sensitive reports that augment the ability of clinicians to detect disease.

Clear, trustworthy results

We provide transparent results with confidence in our diagnosis, resulting in actionable clinical insights.

Graphic biomarkers
Biomarkers to find cancer and other diseases early

We develop digital and molecular biomarkers to pioneer the next generation of laboratory tests for disease diagnosis and risk stratification. Our work is built on strong scientific foundations without compromise.

Graphic reports
Smart, dialogue-based report generation

Our proprietary Dialogical® technology enables rapid sample analysis by keeping the human in the loop. We are dedicated to helping healthcare professionals give better care by fusing together digital and human intelligence.

Graphic infrastructure
Digital infrastructure to deliver tools at scale

Diagnostic methods and tests need a robust infrastructure to be deployed at scale. Our digital platform is designed to answer this need and to improve patient outcomes through quality monitoring and analytics.


Built to be secure

Every service at Cyted is built on secure foundations. To protect patient data, we leverage state-of-the-art encryption and cyber security technologies. We are uncompromising about the accuracy and dependability of our work.

Privacy by design

Cyted was founded with patients at its heart. This privilege imbues us with the responsibility to achieve the highest of standards in the tools we create. We are therefore committed to the absolute protection of personal data and privacy.